Papa Shandy and The Drams

Kieren Sinciair aka Papa Shandy ... Vocals, Guitar

Rebecca Brown...  Fiddle, Viola

Darryl McCabe...  Mandolin, Guitar, Tenor Guitar

Calumm Sneddon... Cajon, Drums

Sean Thomson...  Banjo, Dobro, Guitar

David O'Neil... Bass


I first met Papa Shandy and the Drams in Glasgow and was immediately enthralled with their very unique sound both instrumentally and vocally.

They kindly allowed me to photograph them for my website which was not an easy thing to do as it was very difficult to distract myself from their music and concentrate on my photography.

The performing of their own material is truly magnificent . Each instrument being a perfect foil for each other  in both unison and as soloists.

In addition Papa Shandy and The Drams play their own versions of the rock n roll classics.  As an aging hippy all I can say is that their version of Jumpin' Jack Flash is better than the original which is one of my all time favorites.....

Their album is due to be released in December with the first 2 singles currently available for download.

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