A Man and his Cameras

by Karen Sichieri

Doug's  love for photography encompasses all  types of subjects and he has an  intuitive knack for uncovering  the smallest detail that makes his work  unique.  This is one of the factors that drive his passion for all types  of photography whether it is portraits, wild life, studio work, flowers  or abstract creations.  In other words, he is not confined to any one  particular genre or style.  However, his signature is readily  identifiable by the very personal intimacy he creates between the  subject and his audience.

Doug’s  objective is to create photography as a single piece of Art.  And  consequently he only sells his work as a one time signed and dated  original photograph.

One of his favorite challenges is collaborating with a client to photographically create a unique work of Art just for them.

The  final photograph comes complete with a photographic provenance  which  illustrates technique, his creative process and the customized digital  darkroom techniques which replace the traditional chemicals with  algorithms.

This also acts as a excellent visible certificate of authenticity.

Doug  has spent much of the last few years traveling and photographing remote  native villages in several Latin American Countries.  He has donated  his time in order to give them personal photos of their families and  villages, most of whom have never even seen a photograph.